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© 2017 Les Sullivan Group Photography  Registered in England and Wales Company Number 3227323

Registered Office: Old Magistrates Court, 1 Cross Lane, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire SG8 6AG

You may order a photo from our archive at any time - just ask.

General Information



We are a small family run company who photograph large groups of people.

School Groups make up the bulk of our business and range from Infant Classes and Play Groups through the Primary and Secondary sectors to University Graduation.

A Marketing Opportunity:

Organisations benefit by providing a group photograph as a memento.

An excellent marketing tool - archive quality photographs do not wear out or get thrown away, they are valued, shown to friends and colleagues, framed and displayed for many years, much better than a bag or tee shirt.

Ideally the cost of a photograph should be included in the overall budget. The consequential advantage is that it will be perceived as a "free gift".

Prints can be delivered extremely quickly if time is short as all printing and production is "in-house", no third party is involved. Postage can be arranged if required.

"Our staff find you very easy to work with and the children LOVE the pictures. It was great to hear from many returners that they had displayed last year's photographs on bedroom walls all year round in anticipation of attending another summer course. I enjoy having my prints up in the office and people always ask about them when they visit."


Individual Names:

Where possible, individual names are printed at the bottom of the photographs as eventually memories fade. The extra effort involved  is well worth while and creates an invaluable record of the event.  How often do you look at old photographs and wonder who the people are?


Geographically we are based near Cambridge but travel all over the country.  If it is an economic proposition distance is no object.  There are regular customers in Norfolk, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent .... etc.


All necessary staging and seating is supplied and erected quickly and efficiently.  Normally select an outdoor location which sets the photo in context and gives a pleasing background.  Even a photograph of 300+ individuals need only take half an hour.


Each job is different and has to take into account the number of potential sales and distance etc. For schools, there is no deposit or advance payment, no minimum order and no administrative overhead for you.  We do not employ a sales team or spend money on advertising and promotion relying almost entirely on personal recommendation.


If a commission is accepted, it is generally on the basis that copies will be sold on merit.  The financial risks are all ours.  You will find us relaxed and easy to deal with.  Personalised order forms can be supplied and all ordering and administration handled by us.  We accept credit cards (no surcharge) and provide Freepost envelopes.

Print Sizes:

The size of the finished print depends on the size and "shape" of the group and the background.  Photographs are not printed to any standard size.

Typical recent print sizes are  12" x 7.5",  15" x 8",  18" x 7", 17" x 11", 24" x 8", 24" x 10" .......

Photographs may be supplied rolled in a tube, mounted on card or mounted and framed.  They are always printed with a suitable logo and heading, sub-heading and where possible individual names at no extra charge.

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